Battery Safety

Battery Safety:

We use batteries every day, from our cell phones, laptops and other portable devices such as the e-cigarettes we carry around. The batteries housed in all of these devices are most commonly rechargeable Li-Ion or Li-Poly batteries which pose potential problems if not used correctly, let’s go through and discuss the dangers of misusing batteries.

The majority of e-cigarette devices use 18650 rechargeable batteries, although many variations exist such as 20700 and 21700 batteries but, what potential dangers can be found in the misuse of batteries?

Battery failure is most commonly known as a battery vent, a battery short and can be caused by a few things, let’s go through and explain each one.

A hard short is very common and mostly occurs when the protective plastic wrap (battery wrap) is torn, ripped or damaged. This can expose the metal housing on the inside and when it comes to contact with another metal surface, causes the positive and negative poles, causing what’s called a hard short.

A Venting battery can be caused by a hard short or a max discharge, where the device is drawing too much power. This can be a serious problem as venting batteries can either expel a series of gasses, become very hot and causing burns and in the worst case scenario, catch fire and explode. But how could this happen?

Other than drawing too much power, carrying batteries in a pocket or bag without a protective case can also lead to problems, like loose change, keys or any form of metallic debris can either lodge themselves in the battery and cause a problem down the line but will most likely cause the battery to fail there and then. The same thing goes for leaving batteries out in the sun, discharging them below the recommended voltage etc.

Batteries are dangerous when mistreated, especially when 195 separate e-cigarette fire and explosion incidents were recorded in the United States by the US Fire Administration, owe themselves to battery failure.


Why BlackCell Batteries:

In our previous blog, we covered what can happen when a battery shorts of “vents”. We spoke about the 195 fire and explosion incidents in the United States and this time, we’re looking at the solution.

BlackCell has been a key player in the energy industry, producing some of the safest and most reliable batteries on the market, in regards to e-cigarettes. Their brand new range of batteries seems to be a cut above the rest though, as they have created a series of batteries, containing not one but two ventilation caps. Let me explain a little further.

Ventilation caps or Vent caps as they are called are small seals, usually located at the top or positive pole of each battery, whose sole purpose is to deform or break in the event of a battery short’s thermal runaway. A thermal runaway is the constant, unstoppable heat transfer created by the gasses inside the battery. This thermal runaway causes the battery to become extremely hot. The vent cap is an extremely important component in a battery and although they are built for safety, they do sometimes fail.

BlackCell has searched for a solution and came up with the simple yet effective idea of adding a secondary vent cap to the negative pole you know, just in case! This simple fix is unique in the field of energy, and can potentially be used in every single device which uses a cylindrical battery. Paired with their brand new range of chargers which include an armada of protection, you can charge and vape with your batteries without thinking about the dangers since they have been eliminated.

BlackCell has basically added a second layer of protection to the batteries, in order to protect the most important component in the equation, You. So from all of us here at BlackCell, we would like to thank you for trusting our batteries and other accessories.

Happy vaping!